From sound effects to soundscapes — and all the foley artistry in between — suspending disbelief to sell the environment of your story to your audience is my passion. Looking for a sound from another world to really tie that alien scene together? Need some sound design to put that battle scene over the top? Let Unreel Sound take the wheel and help you with your next film’s sound palette. I'm also available for adding sound design to radio spots!

What I charge for sound design depends on several factors, but generally it is in the $50-$100/hr range. I consider the following factors when determining my rate:

  • How many sound effects are needed
  • One-off SFX versus ambient soundscapes
  • Everyday real-life foley-esque SFX versus creating a new sound from raw audio either from our library or captured field/studio sounds on-demand

I also consider the possibility of whether or not Unreel Sound is going to be performing the scoring. If so, then we can work out a package deal with a special rate on the sound design portion. The best way to find out what I would charge for your project is to call or email me for a quote.