Balance, Level and Clarity — what you expect from a killer mix. I'm here to help put the finishing touches on your next mix.

Your band has just recorded what you hope to be a hit album. You envision it playing alongside your favorite bands on your local radio station, satellite radio, or even Pandora. There's just one thing... It sounds like kaka (technical term) when you try to play it in your car or home stereo. "Where's the dymanic range?" you wonder. "Why isn't this loud enough?" Sound familiar?

I can help you bring your mix up to professional standards, so your tunes can rub shoulders with the best of them out there. Whether you would like me to remix your tracks or take your existing mixes and turn them into some killer tracks, that's up to you. I'm here to help.

Unreel Sound will optimize your CD by using EQ, compression, and other dynamics processing, so your single or album can compete with any major label release. Our mastering rates are as follows:

  • 1 song: $75
  • 4-6 songs: $300
  • 7-12 songs: $400
  • 13-16 songs: $500
  • 17-20 songs: $600
  • 21+ songs: call or email me for a quote


Unreel Sound accepts the following formats for mastering:
  • Audio CD
  • Data Files (wav, aiff, SDII, FLAC, etc.) on CD-R, DVD-R, flash drive, dropbox, or via FTP
MP3, AAC, or WMA files are not acceptable file formats for mastering, since these formats contain inherent compression by nature. Please supply your masters without compression, limiting, and maximizing applied on the stereo buss, although compression on individual tracks within your mix is acceptable. Please leave -3dB to -4dB of headroom to avoid clipping.
If you would like me to remix any of your tracks, please provide WAV or MP3 files of your rough mix along with OMF files of your dry mix. I will use this OMF file to import your tracks into my DAW.