Here are just some of the clips that I've had the pleasure of working on over the years. You can watch/hear them in-line on this page, full-screen them, or jump over to my YouTube channel to view them there. Be sure to subscribe to stay up-to-date with my latest uploads!


The following themes were created in preparation for the 2011 NH 48 Hour Film Project. My goal was to write 1 to 2 pieces of music an evening and create a catalog of themes that would span the many genres that we would potentially draw from a hat. To listen to these Soundcloud tracks, and the others on this page in the sections below, click the row with the track name. If you click the larger square with the logo, it will take you away from this page and bring you to Soundcloud. Enjoy...


These two pieces were put together and submitted to so they could be voted on and possibly included in their feature "Zombie Movie". The 1st piece depicts a cheerleading squad kicking zombie butt. I imagined the second piece to be a high school half-time show with a marching band playing as danger lurks beneath the bleachers in search for brains all the while.


Here are some other samples of works I have done. I hope you enjoy them as much I did creating them.